Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut Body Butter

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       Once again I am back with another OzNatural product!                          

  I have to say that I love their products this one is the Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut Body Butter. It contains Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Kukui Nut Oil. Also it has a nourishing blend or rich tropical oils.

  It has a light scent which is nice, the color is white and the texture is just like a moisturizer.

  I have used it at night and when I need to go out, it leaves my skin so moisturized not oily! I have to say that it works wonders on my elbows, my knees and even my feet it leaves them nice and moisturized. 

  One thing that I have notice is that even though I put some on my feet I can still put on my heels and my feet don't feel oily which is great!

  Now not only can you use it on your body but also as a facial moisturizer for dry skin types as well.

   I have not have any allergies towards this moisturizer at all.  Also I love that it is 60% Organic, 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free!

**The kukui nut tree is the official tree of Hawaii, and has been used by natives for hundreds of years. They recognized the oil’s high penetrability and soothing properties, and utilize it in helping sooth sunburns and chapped skin. It is a fabulous ingredient in cosmetics, or utilized as a stand-alone application. Kukui nut oil contains high levels of the essential fatty acids linoleic and alpha-linolenic. This oil is readily absorbed into the skin, providing tissues the essential elements that it needs.**

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Give a Smart Gift from Gazelle!

            Pre-Owned is Still Pretty Awesome!                               
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Give a Smart Gift from Gazelle

With Mother’s Day, graduation, and even Father's Day just around the corner, a smartphone or tablet can make for the perfect gift. A smart device not only keeps your loved ones connected, it also helps them stay organized, informed, and even entertained! And if you want to add in a little something special, include a screen protector to help preserve the life of their new device. 

The process of selecting a smart device can be overwhelming -- and even nerve-wracking! That's why it's a smart idea to purchase your device from Gazelle. They make it so easy. Plus, by purchasing through their Certified pre-owned service, you can rest-assured knowing that the device you're gifting will be high-quality with great functionality. Only you will know that you got it at a great deal and better than retail! 

Here are a few other important reasons why it's a smart idea to get a device through Gazelle's Certified pre-owned service:

There are no contracts involved or strings attached
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Rigorous 30-point quality inspection
This includes checks for cosmetic issues, as well as functionality tests.

30-day returns

A level of assurance and trust that an online marketplace or less well-known direct seller simply does not have.

Whether you're thinking about buying a Certified pre-owned iPhone 5 or an Certified pre-owned iPad 2, buying it from Gazelle will not only save you a lot of time and money, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that you'll be able to give a quality gift, at a great price.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bento Style Plastic Lunch Boxes

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 I have to say now that summer is almost here we do tend to do more food to help with our nutrition.

   These are great lunch boxes or food storage depending on how you call them. I call them food storage containers. When I was picked to test these babies out my husband was very excited because he can take them to work .

  With these containers we do food prep for the week for him. As that we are in different diet for our health journey.

  They are very sturdy, BPA ,phthalate and lead free. I love that you can use them in the microwave and they are freezer safe so it's all good for us to prep the lunch and freeze them till we need them. Also they are dishwasher safe.

  These are good for food prep, lunches, snacks and even for picnics. We just watch what we put in because they are not leak proof but they are amazing for food storage. I am not worry about the leak proof because usually my husband takes a lunch bag and he can put these flat in it. If you decide to make a lunch for your kids just remember to put in solid food.

These containers are great and very useful in our kitchen.

If you want more info or which to purchase click Here

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Need A Trim?

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  I have to say that this rechargeable modern hair clipper is great. 

     It comes with its own stand and charger also with batteries which are fully charge in 8 hours, three clippers, oil and a cleaning brush.

  My husband loves it, he trimmed his mustache and shaved his beard with it and he said that it is so smooth it don't even snip his skin like other trimmers do. 

  I tried to trim his hair but it was a little hard to do with his hair because he has thick curly hair and it was going to take me longer but I did used it to do his fade and trim the bottom part of his hair on the neck and it trimmed very nicely and It did the line nice and smooth.

Also what  I liked is that it has a modern erogonomic look and it is very light which is very good. It has titanium plated stationary, the blade+ceramic moving blade and the blades are adjustable for cutting length for 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm. It also has a indicator light function and a push type switch on the side for easy operation.

This product is very good for trimming and fading also it is good for cutting but I suggest that if you have thick hair on your head it is only great for fading and line ups. Don't get me wrong even with thick hair you can cut but it's going to take longer. It is a great product and especially if you cut your kids hair. I am very happy with this product and so is my husband.

                          for more info or want to purchase click Here

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bioque Cleanser and Refinisher Review

  As a lot of you know I love to have my face very clean and I always tend to look for face cleanser that are not harsh on my face. 

  I have used a couple of face cleansers that are very good and these two products are one of the few  of  them!

  I am very thrill to partner up with Bioque to test their products. One of these is the purifying skin Cleanser with Vitamin Enriched and the other is the Acid-free Facial Skin Refinisher.

  The Gentle Purifying skin cleanser - I washed my face with this cleanser and I was amazed on how it felt massaging it around my face it did not feel harsh at all and the smell is amazing, to me it smelled a tad bit of a lite citrus smell, not over powering at all. After I wash and dry my face it felt nice and smooth and not dry. I use this twice a day.

The Acid-Free Facial skin Refinisher - This product has cleaning beads in it to exfoliate your face very good. Also this product has a tad bit of a lite citrus smell and it cleans your face very well. It is gentle on my face and it exfoliates it good with out hurting my skin. what it does is cleanse your skin by exfoliating and taking out the dead/ dry skin off. My face felt nice and clean also smooth after I use this. I use it about twice a week.


The purest clean you’ve ever seen

Purifying, clarifying, gently exfoliating cleanser— a lusciously citrus-y, sulfate-free clean

Say yes to Yucca—Get back to nature (and away from stripping chemicals) with the American Indians’ essential secret for clear, beautiful skin—pure Yucca extract. Yucca gently cleanses and purifies skin of contaminants, while also helping to clear acne-prone skin and working as an exfoliator gentle enough for everyday use.
Oh so gentle—Botanically-derived L-Argynine-based amino acid gently foams away the bad stuff without damaging the outer layer of skin.
Ooh la la orange—A touch of orange oil helps to gently cleanse and provides a fabulous, invigorating fragrance.

This purifying paraben/sulfate-free facial wash is the ultimate cleanser for all skin types, and the first step to great looking skin. Use twice daily. 

Directions for use*
Use before applying serums, creams, moisturizers and make-up and at the end of the day to remove all traces of grime. Rinse face with lukewarm water. Place a pea-sized amount in palm, lightly rub hands together and smooth over face in gentle circular motions--starting from the bottom and moving 

Want more info or want to purchase click Here

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Need A One Cup Of Coffee Pick Me Up?

  I love drinking coffee especially a nice cup in the morning just to wake up.

  I have to say that I got so excited when I received this package because I didn't know I was going to receive this but when I did I almost cried.

  I been wanting one of these for the past year or so but didn't have the money.

  I am in love with this keurig 2.0 model 250.

  This is how I say #hellokeurig by putting some water in the water container and deciding what coffee I am going to drink that morning and put my nice cup on the cup stand, press the button and  waalaa I can sit and relax before my days goes on!

I have had problems with this coffee maker it just helps me greatly to start my day!!

 *The new Keurig® 2.0 K200 brewing system has the ability to brew both a single cup and a four-cup carafe and is available in a variety of exciting, classic and trend-setting colors.

The compact K200 series is the latest addition to the Keurig® 2.0 lineup, the first Keurig® brewing systems to offer consumers the ultimate in variety, size and choice. All Keurig® 2.0 brewers, including the new K200, offer the ability to brew both a single cup using a K-Cup® pack as well as a carafe using a K-Carafe™ pack.  With more than 400 beverage varieties available from 60 brands, including all of the top ten best-selling coffee brands in America, the Keurig® 2.0 system offers the broadest portfolio of coffee and beverage brands united in one in-home beverage system anywhere in the world.

  • Available in an array of colors, including Black, White, Strawberry, Sandy Pearl, Turquoise, Violet and Orange Zest
  • Nine brew sizes ranging from four oz. to 30 oz.
  • 40 oz. water reservoir
  • Strength control
  • Black and white touch display

***I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.***

Danish Dough Whisk

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As a home baker and cook I love to try out new things that I can use that won't hurt my hands. 
At first by seeing this I was very glad to try it and see how it worked but once I received it and used it I was so excited. First it is 13.5 inch long which is great to be used in a big mixing bowl. Second I love that the bottom is stainless steel and the handle is wood.
The handle is long enough for me to use it without me putting pressure on it to stir which is great for me. 

I loved that it stirred the muffin mix very well and evenly. I did not have a problem with it what so ever. It blend and stirred very nice .

The good part also that I like was that it didn't have lots of circles or its not made like a original whisk that the batter would stay in between and it is hard to take off. This one actually was great the batter didn't stick a lot and the whisk is easy to clean and it will last longer too because it's stainless steel.

If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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Elite Infuser Water Bottle

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I am loving this water bottle! The first thing that caught my eyes is the flip top lid that you can drink out of, it is a good asset if you are jogging or running so you don't have to twist and open the top to drink. Second was the nice blue color. I like that it is a 28 once bottle which is great and it's made of commercial grade Tritan also it is not to heavy nor light it's perfect for you to carry even if you are walking. 

The fruit infuser is removable so you can just use the bottle as a water bottle only. What I did when I didn't have any fruits or mint I just put in some ice in the infuser and it was a great Idea, It didn't have the ice moving around and my water was still cold. I have not have any problems with this product it is a nice product to have. It also brings a recipe ebook.

If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Need To Relax? Try Lavender Essential Oil

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Need To Relax? Try Lavender Essential Oil-A little bit of something

I am a person who loves a spa treatment at home.

From doing a facial to bubble bath and just relaxing on the couch reading my bible or even a good book, but it don't stop there even sitting down watching a good movie I love to relax.

That's why I like this lavender essential oil. I pour a small amount on the difuser and turn it and just relax after a hard days work or one of those blah

I love putting it on the difuser because not only you relax but your house or room will smell good.

This lavender essential oil smell very good not to strong at all and not to light just perfect on one of those rainy days.

It is a Bulgarian lavender oil, it is pure, premium, and undiluted. It has no chemicals, additives, preservatives, or anythings else. I love that the oil is vegan, all natural and therapeutic grade.

I am so excited because as a person that usually have sinus problems this essential does not flair up my sinuses. Also you can mix other oils with it if you like. 

Remember it is pure concentrated, never message undiluted oil, always add a quality oil carrier.

  • HEALTH BENEFITS: *Stress and Anxiety Relief - Lavender is an adaptogen and can ease migraines, headaches, anxiety, tension and stress naturally. *Sleep* - Helps aid in relaxation. *Pain Relief* - Natural remedy aiding in relief of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, fibroids, lumbago, sore or tense muscles, aches, sprains, and backaches. *Respiratory* - Helps Relieve Symptoms of Sinus Infection, Cold, Congestion, Flu, Asthma, Allergy Relief, Pneumonia and support immune health in the form of vapor or applied on the skin of chest, back, and neck by adding to carrier oil. *Skin* - Antiseptic and Anti-Fungal properties. Aids in healing acne, cuts/wounds, irritated skin, and sunburns. *Hair* - Repels Lice or Nits *Digestion* - Eases indigestion, stomach pain, and colic. *Immune Defense* - Commonly used to naturally prevent illness. *Natural Insect Repellent* - Repels mosquitoes and lice.

                If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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Professional Makeup Brush Set By DollFace

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     Before I received this product I didn't know what to expect because when it comes to make up brushes and a few make up products I like to see them first before I purchase.

  As that I usually don't use lots of make up I am very picky. But to my surprise I do like these a lot.

   First they came in a nice elegant make up case. To me they felt very professional quality and the handle is nice and sleek.
My daughter has used them more then me and for her, as she was a Cosmetology student to say that they are great I have to agree. They are made perfect for also for sensative skin which I have and my daughter as well. They do apply your make and blend it great as well. We have had no problems with them and love that it came with the carrying case so you can take it any where!

                                                        Here is a quick video:

                           If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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Friday, April 17, 2015

What Are You Chopping On?

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   As a cook at my house I love chopping stuff and as you all know I have some plastic cutting boards that are excellent but I have one huge deal in my house!

   Well my husband also loves to cook and when we cook we tend to have our own products so like that if one is busy doing one thing the other can do the same thing but with another product!

   Well I can't say that we have our own stuff we share of course but it's always better to have more than one product especially if there is always more than one cook.
  That's why I am so excited to receive the New 3 piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set! Yes Bamboo. These are great and the color is beautiful! It's a Two tone design and I also like that I can use both sides. 

   There is the flat side with no grooves that you can use, also there is the top side which has nice deep grooves just in case that you are cutting something that has juice in it, like a tomato or raw meat. They also have a convenient handle on all three.

  They are really nice looking and they are smooth. They are not to thick and not to thin they are just right to use on top of a counter. Not only that, they look so nice that you can even use them as cheese trays when you are having a get together.

They are perfect for any kitchen and they are environmentally friendly and very durable.

             If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

Product was provided complimentary for testing and review purposes, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

Uneven Skin Tone, fine lines or sun damage?

**** Product was provided complimentary by the Company for testing and review purposes,Post may contain Affiliate link****

   Once again very happy with a Oz Natural product!

  This product is the Ocean Mineral Tonic. It is a toner for your face. It has Glycolic Acid + MSM +Vitamin C.

*It states Amino Acids, Vitamin C, and Ocean Minerals work to aid skin's sun damage, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

   A toner is not something I use every day but does help when you need that extra cleaning on your face and prepares your face to put on some serum and, or moisturizer. 

   This one is a spray so what I do is, spray some on a cotton ball and message all over my face and neck if I need to after I wash my face and exfoliate it. Then I follow with serum if I am going to put some on and lastly some moisturizer.

   I love that this toner is just not a toner but also a primer for serums and you can use it throughout the day over makeup also great for an all-over body toning spray which is great!

   I have had no problems with this product and it leaves my skin very nice and soft. I have also notice that it don't leave my face shiny like some other toners which is ok by me because that's not a big worry for me.

Al so I love that it is 100% natural, 100% vegan and it's cruelty free.

If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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What do you do on your Get Together?

Sometimes we sit and wonder what can we do that it does not have to do with cleaning, watching t.v or even going to the stores. So ...