Tuesday, March 31, 2015

20% Off Ray-Bans, OshKosh B'gosh + Lego Collection on Sale at zulily!

zulily has some great upcoming sales, including Up To 20% Off Ray-Bans, anOshKosh B'gosh Sale, and a LEGO Collection sale! Check these out and more below:

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Reebok ZPump Fusion Now Available; Free 2-day Shipping

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Reebok ZPump Fusion Now Available

 2Day Shipping Valid 3/31-4/1

No code needed, shoppers simply need to select "2 Day Shipping" At Check Out.

Have you gotten a pair of zPump Fusion running shoes yet? If not, you should seriously consider doing so. These innovative new running shoes are likely to change your running experience - for the better. In case you haven't heard, the Reebok zPump Fusion fits to your foot like no other shoe before it. There's a push-button built into the shoe and when you press or "pump" it, technology within the shoe inflates around the contours of your foot. The technology is a lightweight and seamless fabric called the "fusion sleeve" that fuses an air-filled cage to your foot. When you're ready to take them off, you just push a little button next to the pump and it releases the air. Cool, huh? 

To see a video about how these shoes are designed to create a custom fit for your foot, go to ZPump Fusion - How it Works. There's no doubt that running around finding Easter eggs will be much more fun with these shoes. 

One more thing ... from 3/31 - 4/1, you can also, get free 2-day shipping on Reebok.com! No code is needed. Simply select "2 day shipping" at checkout and you'll be good to go!

You heard it here first!! Hurry don't miss out!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Women's Hair Growth Hair Loss Prevention Vitamin Supplement By Hair Covet

   As a lot of you know I love my hair to be long but for some time now I have been seeing my hair thinning or falling so I have tried different kinds of product.

    Today I am going to tell you about a new Vitamin Supplement which is for hair growth and hair loss prevention. It's by Hair Covet.

   They have Proprietary 37 Ingredients, 5000 mcg Biotin and 3 in 1 Formula which includes DHT blockers. Also they have many Vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, B-1, B-2, B-6, Folic Acid and much more.

   When I open them it smelled and look like prenatal vitamins.. which is good I love that it don't contain no gluten,yeast, sugar or starch. They are easy to swallow I suggest to drink plenty of water with them.

   I been using this product for a while and I can say I have had no side effects, only thing is when I urinate it comes out real yellow other then that its great. I have seen a little growth on what I call baby hairs and I can see the difference because I had dyed my hair and now I can see the growth with my grey hairs.

   The instructions indicate for adults to take a total of three tablets everyday with food. Best results are achieved if the dosage is spread throuout the day.

   Even though Its been just a little while I am going to continue using them. My goal is for my hair to grow and get fuller. The great things is that the company has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you want more info or want to purchase click Here
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Want A Premium Organic Shampoo & Conditioner With Argan Oil?

*At Pura D'or they believe in creating only the best organic beauty and skin products made with the highest quality ingredients. All of their products are free from SLS, Parabens, and Gluten. They are animal cruelty free, USDA Certified Biobased, and Dr.Trusted. They are also reconized for being #1 in organic Anti- hair loss shampoo.*

**The Premium Organic Shampoo is for Hair loss Prevention Therapy it has Argan Oil
* 12 Advance DHT Blockers to stop premature hair loss
*It is for Thinning hair, Receding hair lines and Excessive Shedding
*Adds Body, Increases Volume & Thickens Hair
*It is for all hair types, men, women & color safe

It is gentle formula its fortified with an organic blend of argan oil, B vitamin complex, biotin, nettle extract saw Palmetto, He shou Wu(Fo-ti) & other clinically proven natural ingredients to aid against hair loss. Biotin strengthens the hair strands, naicin increases circulation, and our advanced blend of DHT blockers promotes healthy hair growth. Ingredients are specially selected for increased bioavailability & maximum absorption. 

** The Premium Organic Conditioner also have Argan Oil and smells like Lavender Vanilla
* It enhances shine, manageability & control
* Gentle, natural & nourishing
* Made from 99% vegetable ingredients

    The base is derived from 99% coconut and vegetable proteins to hydrate, heal and repair damaged hair from root to end without adding weight or buildup. This gentle formula is infused with organic argan oil to add shine, body, & moisturizers to all types of hair from normal to fine, dry or damaged hair. 
   Other unique proprietary natural ingredients promote control, manageability and superior smoothness. All the benefits of a premium conditioner without all the chemicals, pH balanced and fortified with Multi- Vitamins. Safe for daily use and all hair types.

  First I love the size of the bottle depending how your hair is, it would last about 2-3 months. The smell of Vanilla is amazing and it't not strong.
I pre washed my hair with plain water to make sure it was not to dirty, then I applied the shampoo and kept massaging it for 1 min and left it on for about an extra minute so total on my hair about 2 minutes.
  Rinsed it out than I applied the Conditioner again I massaged it for about 1 minute then left it for a extra 1-2 minutes total about 2-3 minutes on my hair.

   I loved the way my hair felt still wet, it did not feel rough and the tips did not dry very fast like it normally does. So to me I can say it was moisturized. Also when it dried up all the way it did not feel weigh down and it had shine to it also my curls were hydrated and bouncy.
 Love the way it left my hair now I can't wait to see the results on my hair growth.

If you want to purchase the Shampoo click Here

If you want to purchase the Conditioner click Here

Want to know more info check out their Website

*I received these product from the Company for testing and review purposes, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are strictly my own.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Organic Seaweed Facial Mask & Body Wrap + Giveaway

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   Wow ok it was a little wierd for me at first, I have used a lot of facial mask that was already prepared, never in my life I had used a powder mask for me to even prepare it myself. So I didn't know what I was getting into..lol 

   I received this from Azara Organics. The Seaweed Powder is perfect for a revitalizing, age defying facial mask or cellulite reducing body wrap. Also it can be used for body scrubs, and bath powders.

   This seaweed powder comes straight from the Atlantic Ocean. To Keep it 100% pure, no attempt has been made to mask the natural aroma of seaweed. It is certified USDA pure Organic kelp powder harvested from the Atlantic Ocean.

  I used this as a facial mask and a wrap around my stomach.

As a facial mask I first washed my face and exfoliated about 10 minutes before I prepared the mask. I combined 1 teaspoon of the powder, 2 teaspoons of warm water and 1 teaspoon of honey. I mix it and the consistency was good for me. Then I applied it on my face and the rest I applied it on my stomach area then I wrapped clear wrap around me. I left it on for about 20 minutes or so then I hopped in the shower.

I can say that yes it smells like seaweed I was laughing with my husband telling him that I feel like I am fishing because that is what it reminded me of those good days that we go fishing.lol 

After taking shower and drying myself I can say I did not smell the fishy smell at all. I am very picky about certain smell so I can tell you that I did not smell it all on me.

My face and my stomach area felt nice and smooth and it had a glow to it, it did not look dull at all. My face still looked vibrant and felt nice and smooth the next morning.

After about 10 minutes I applied my serum and my moisturizer.

I am planning to keep using this because it suppose to remove toxins and my be help in shedding some pounds and because my problem area is the stomach I am hoping to loose some inches.
If you want more recipes click Website

If you want more info or wish to purchase click Here

Also there is a awesome giveaway Azara Organics is giving one of these to one winner so don't forget to opp in this giveaway...
                                                    *** GIVEAWAY***

Organic Seaweed Facial Mask & Bodywrap Giveaway
Giveaway ends on 4/15 Limited to the United States, Winner will be contacted by email and has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Azara Organics is responsible for prize fulfillment, not A Little Bit Of Something. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Decrease Belly Fat,Extreme Carb Blocker and Fat Burner?

***Product provided by the Company for testing and review purposes, post may contain Affiliate links***
    At first I was very Iffy about this product because I had never heard of it before but I did a little homework on it and it sound good to me.

   I have not been taking this for long but I have to say that it has been helping me suppress my appetite and it has given me a boost of energy.

  This product is maximum strength with 1000 mg and its a carb blocker and a fat burner at the same time. It suppose to decrease belly fat and slow down fat storage which I can't wait.I know it could work with a little work out and consistent on taking them everyday.

   You just take 1 veggie capsule twice a day 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8 oz of water. Love that its 100% natural and it has no artificial ingredients,filers, chemicals, colors additives, binders or preservatives.

I have not have any allergic reactions to this product at all. Now remember that every body is different some might loose the weight quick and others may take time.

                     If you want more info or wish to purchase click Here

Need A Serum With Moisturizer?

***Product was provided by the company for testing and review purposes, Post may contain Affiliate links***

   I am loving the Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C from Oz Naturals, I have not been using this product for a long time but I have seen a difference on my face.

    I love the way that the serum does moisturizes my face at the same time. I put some on and my face don't feel sticky like some other serum that I have used in the past.

   The consistency is not runny nor to thick its in between which is very nice. It has no smell to it and its clear.I can say that I do see my face a little plump when I use it and I have seen that my face is not too dull as it use to be. 

   This product assists in balancing skin moisture levels which is a huge plus for me, with my combination to dry skin. Also it diminishes surface lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen.
I just wash my face, exfoliate and tone if I need to and then I dry my face and message some of this on wait till it dries up and then put some moisturizer on. You can use this daily and under makeup. It is 92% natural and 72% organic.

                     If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Luxe Home Essentials microfiber kitchen towels

***This product was provided by the company for testing and review purposes, This post may contain Affiliate links***

Luxe Home Essentials microfiber kitchen towels are 15 x 25 inches in size. They are a nice size for your kitchen.

I used this towels for drying out dishes and they work very nice. The dish dried out very quick and there were no streaks at all.

I also dried out my hands and yes they also dried very fast. I love the texture of the towels and they have ridges that collects the water when passing the towel on the dishes so it collects more water then a normal towel.

They are very durable, and handy for your daily kitchen needs, you can dry your dishes, your hands, and even your counter tops.

I can say they are super absorbent and this is from someone that cleans and washes her hands for then 5 times a day and that has a drawer full of different kind of towels.
I am loving these towels and  Now I want them in a different color also.

                                   If would love to purchase them click  Here


Cell Pro IPhone 6 SPORTS Armband

***This Product was provided by the company for testing and review purposes,This post may contain Affiliate links***

  loving my music sometimes in the gym, working out at home or even cleaning the house and so I don't have to bother the whole house with my music I am glad to have one of these.

  The Cell Pro I phone 6 Sports Armband is a nice and flexible armband. I love that it has a few feature that we sometimes need. It has a key holder slot so if you go out running or jogging you don't have to take all your keys, or even when you go to the gym.

  also in the back you have a license or a credit card holder as well. It fits snuggle on my arm and it don't move. the straps are nice and flexible.

  I don't have a Iphone 6 but I have a small galaxy phone and it fits nicely also I can put in my husbands Ipod and it also works very well.

here is a picture of the back of the armband..

If you want more info or wish to purchase click Here


Vitamin C Serum + Phytoceramides for your Beauty Regimens!

***Products were provided by the company for testing and reviewing purposes, post may contain Affiliate links***

  I have been using Vitamin C for my beauty regimen for a while now also I have tried a few of Phytocermids also as dietary supplement and they have worked so good.

  But now here is a company that put the two together! Well the vitamin C serum so you can put some on your face and the phytoceramides that you can take once a day.

  The Serum is advanced. This treatment has 20% blend of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E as well. This product you put on after you wash your face and tone if necessary than follow with moisurizer.

  The Phytoceramides is advanced as well its enhanced with vitamins A, C, D, & E. It helps to rejuvenate skin cells, strengthens collagen, and eliminates wrinkles.

  I have been using both and I can say that I really enjoy using these product. It has help my skin and it makes it nice and smooth also I have seen a glow to my face. Not only its good for my face but because I been taking the pills they also do help with your nails and your body because it contains the extra vitamins.

  I have not have any issues with them nor have had any allergic reactions. The serum is 98% Natually Derived, 72% Organic and 20% Vitamin C. The supplements you take 1 capsule a day 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8oz of water. I love that they are Veggie capsules. 

If you want more info or wish to purchase the product click Here

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thinking of Breakfast? Why Not Steel Cut Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Oatmeal

***Products provided by the Company for testing and review purposes,Post may or may not have affiliate links***

   Sometimes we are hungry and we are in a hurry and don't know what to eat!

   This is a daily challenge for me because not all the time I am hungry but we all know that we need to eat. So I am so glad that I received this new product from BzzAgent!

   I never had tried this before, but I knew it was not going to be big challenge because I was raised with Quaker Oats.

   This particular Oatmeal was very different then the original oatmeal that I eat. I like that it comes in little packets and the oats were fine not bulky. In the mix it has whole grains, steel cut oats brown sugar, salt , cinnamon and natural flavors, also spices. 

   I loved the flavor of the brown sugar and the cinnamon it wakes my senses in the morning. I did not do mines with water just because I am so use to doing my oatmeals with milk, so I did mines with milk and it came out creamy. Also I did mines in the microwave just to see but I didn't like it, I like mines done on the stove so it will get a creamier texture and I can also see how I would like it.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Organic Rosehip Oil With Vitamin C+A

**Products provided by the Company for testing and review purposes,Post may or may not have Affiliate links**

Valentia's mission is to provide you with a greater level of overall happiness with your appearance without the harsh chemicals that dry out, stretch, burn, prematurely age in skin.

Their skin care products have been formulated with natural and organic ingredients that will repair and protect the skin.

Rosehips were a remedy used by the Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans for their healing properties. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Rosehip oil is known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, while reducing scars and fine lines.

I have been using this product and I love the way that it feels on my face. I does hydrate my face very well that I don't need to use any moisturizer unless I'm going out or if I want to.
The product does smell to me just like normal oil  the consistency and the look also is like oil.
here is a picture:

I love that even though it smells and looks like oil it is not greasy( *when it dries your face does not smell like oil*), it is light and the skin absorbed it very quickly.
My face looked very nice it also gave it a little glow and my face did not itch all. I did not have any allergic reaction to this product. This product is 100% organic, you just apply and message it on your face or body and you can use it alone or in combination with other moisturizers to deeply hydrate your skin.

If you want more info or wish to purchase click here:


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Artesio Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder, by Ozeri

  I am loving my Artesio soft touch electric pepper mill and ginder!

  I can season my food the way that I want by putting as much as I want of pepper or in this case salt.

  This product easily grinds peppercorn, salt and even spices.

   I love that it is very durable and it has a very unique and elegant look for the kitchen or even for on top of the table. It has a ultra soft texture with a non slip grip.

  It also have a built in light which automatically turns on so you can see the seasoning get on your food. Which is amazing you add the precise amount on your food.

  I is so easy for me all I do is press the button and it does its job. It is easy to handle and it does not slide at all so its perfect for adults as wells as kids. In my case I added the salt so I can season my food and it works very well. On the see through part you can see if its lock or unlock and also you can see the level of the salt just in case you need to refill.

Thanks Ozeri for another great product!

               If you want more info or which to purchase here is the link:
                                     ( Amazon link is a Affiliate Link)

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, regardless I only recommend products or service I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

Pure Premium NO2

  Even though I work out the bottle states that its a male dietary supplement so my husband that works out at least 5x a week has been taking them.

  he says that this product does give endurance, helps you workout longer then usual it does enhances the recovery time and does not make you fatigue and you won't wake up with fatigue the next morning.

   It does increase strength you have to drink plenty of water with these pills, take 3 pills before and 3 pills after workout.They do not leave a bad taste in your mouth he has not have any allergic reactions at all, and they are easy to swallow.

   The bottle brings 90 capsules in it. It has not been to long that he has been taking them so we can't say much about the muscle growth.

  We are still waiting to see on the that and he has not seen any difference on the memory and behavior.

              If you want more info or wish to purchase here is the link:
                                      (Amazon link is a Affiliate link)

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Some Coffee? French Press for Coffee and Tea - Complete Bundle

I had never used a french press coffee maker and I can tell you I am in love!

I received this unique coffee or tea complete bundle and it is amazing for coffee lovers like me.

First it is very nice and unique, very elegant made of glass with stainless steel.

It brought the coffee press one coffee spoon scoop/stir, one unique thick stainless steel spoon to stir to add sugar or honey, and 4 filter screens.

We made the coffee and it came out good it reminded us of when we were little and our parents made coffee in a boil pot on the stove. Oh memories.

We made 3 cups of coffee, so we added 3 spoons of coffee grounds.
After coffee was done we added milk and sugar. I will put the video so you guys can follow and remember do not drink the last bit of coffee which will taste very strong and harsh taste.


If you want more info or wish to purchase here is the link:
(Amazon link is a Affiliate link)

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe would be good for my readers.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Probiotics + Prebiotics For Dogs? Yes Daily Probiotics From Paw Choice Naturals

  Nana and Nikko are my two spoil big hearted little dogs.

  They love to play and they love to eat. I always watch what they eat and tend not to give them table food unless it's meat.

  They love lots of chicken. I like to keep them healthy and also to watch that they maintain regularity.

  That is why and am glad to be giving them this new product. It is new to them .

  It is the daily probiotics plus prebiotics for dogs.
This product contains no wheat, it brings at least 60 bone shaped chews with the taste of duck.

  It suppose to support digestive tract health, immune system, microbial balance and helps maintain regularity.

   I give my dogs one a day as directed and they love the taste. After they eat it they look at me like I want some more. lol

  I love that it has no wheat and its very good for their health and maintain regularity. The more older they get the more we as their in home parent need to take care of them and this is a good source to maintain their health.

  I have been giving it to them and they have not shown any signs of allergy towards it and they have been regular. My dogs are loving this product!

If you want more info or wish to purchase click on the Amazon photo:
(Amazon link is a Affiliate link)

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.


Trade-in your MacBook with Gazelle’s 45-Day Price Lock Promotion!

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    Trade-in your MacBook with Gazelle’s 45-Day Price Lock Promotion!

If you're like most of us, you can't wait to get your hands on the brand new MacBook, which will finally be released on April 10th. This enviable piece of machinery is engineered to be the lightest and most compact notebook ever. At only two pounds, you may not realized that you've even picked it up!

A few other notable features are: a 12-inch retina display; nine hour battery; no fan for a silent operation; and it comes in silver or gold.

As usual, Gazelle has come to the rescue to help us pass the time until April 10th by offering a limited-time 45-day price lock promotion. This means that you will have 45 days to lock-in their price for your old MacBook. But better giddy-up on this offer as it ends March 20th. Plus, the longer your wait, the more the price of your existing MacBook will depreciate.

Oh, and to make this deal even sweeter, Gazelle will also give you a $20 bonus on any working MacBook valued at $50+ at trade-in at Gazelle. Yet another great reason not to let the grass grow under your feet!
Gazelle is the nation's leading consumer electronics reCommerce site, providing an easy, fast and safe way for you to get cash for your used electronics or buy Certified pre-owned devices. To get cash for your used MacBook and other electronics, simply go to their site, get a quote on the trade-in value of your electronics (the longer you wait, the more your MacBook depreciates in value), pack them up and ship them to Gazelle and they send you the money in return. Your MacBook and other electronics get a new life as refurbished devices that travel to new homes overseas, skipping the landfill altogether. And you have cash in hand to purchase your new MacBook.

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